What is a Smart Home? Our CEO is interviewed in a Podcast with The House Maven of DEmios Architects

Listen Here

Our CEO Jennifer Mallett (She/Her/Hers) is interviewed by Katharine White MacPhail, LEED AP (AKA the House Maven) and shares perspectives on smart homes and privacy, gateway smart home products, and how home technology has changed in the era of quarantine.

What is a smart home? Should you consider the role of technology when you are planning a renovation to your home? I think so! You don’t even have to wait until you are renovating, join the growing movement today.

Jennifer Mallett is the CEO and founder of Level Up Your Home. Learn more about how they can improve your life at https://levelupyourhome.com

Do you need a bit of design help? Check out my new Ask an Architect design help-line for an hour of advice on zoom. www.askanarchitect.live

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